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Management Services

One Florida Realty is your go-to property management company for owners as we provide turnkey solutions tailored to your real estate goals. We handle every step of the management process from marketing and advertising to maintenance repairs and property inspections.

  • Marketing and Advertising of Rentals: We handle all marketing aspects by promoting your vacant properties through all online platforms and listing sites to interested applicants.
  • Market Analysis: By fully evaluating the real estate market, we can appropriately price your rental properties so you make the best profits while bringing in the tenants.
  • Online Application Process: We offer an online application process so interested residents can quickly apply for vacant rentals using any computer device.
  • Potential Tenant Screenings: One Florida Realty wants you to obtain the best tenants for your rentals. We provide a thorough tenant screening process that involves credit checks, background checks, income verification, employment verification and rental history verification.
  • Lease Arrangements: Let us handle your lease agreements as we provide lease preparation for each rental unit.
  • Move-ins and Move-outs: We offer move-in and move-out services to make it an easy transition for tenants while ensuring the property is up to rental quality standards.
  • Rent Collection: Always be rest assured that your rent will be collected on time while we professionally handle late payments, pay or quit notices, and evictions.
  • Property Inspections and Maintenance: Your properties will always be in top condition with our timely and fast maintenance services. Tenants can request repairs online through our Tenant Portal.
  • Owner Statements: We offer comprehensive on-demand owner statements so you can make the best decisions for your property investments. Access you owner statements and financial documents through our online Owner Portal for your convenience.