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One Florida Realty

Fort Lauderdale Florida BeachThe founder of One Florida Realty has been successfully active in the real estate business for over 20 years. With our strong bonds with realtors, investors, brokers and property managers, our roster of clientele range from large, multi-generational property owners to the first-time, single unit buyers. Our services are scalable and we thrive on individualistic approach to property management. Backed by our founder and owner of a brokerage and management company our knowledge and expertise is customizable and caters to our clients’ specific needs.

At One Florida Realty, our core area of operation within the property management and real estate business covers the purchasing of property, selling, and investing in property development management projects as well as dedicated property management. The investment leg of our property management and real estate offering targets both domestic and international investors, ensuring the availability of and access to the burgeoning real estate and property market in the Florida area.

In an effort to gain a large level of specialization and to cultivate a deep-seeded understanding of the ins and outs of our real estate services, we operate exclusively in service of the Florida region, covering all of Florida: Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, Port Saint Lucie, Palm Beach as well as the entire Miami area. Our acquired and progressively specialized understanding of this local Florida market will undoubtedly allow us to grow with the market and expand to surrounding regions, if and when the need arises by way of investment opportunities and service needs.

The One Florida Realty team is proud to continue leading the market in the professional real estate and property management services, making use of our integrated mission to fast-track economic development in the communities we are active in. We strive to achieve this mission aided by the use of our integrated developmental tools, which are geared towards enabling communities to leverage local property assets for the advancement of the quality of their domestic and professional lives. This is essentially what shapes our focused outlook, which incorporates domestic and commercial property management and real estate services.

Rows of balconies on an apartment buildingWe at Florida Realty fully understand the key factors which account for positive result-yielding iterations within the real estate market, incorporate considerations around the economic cycle and how it affects the real estate market which is at the center of our focus. We are experienced to handle situations such as property development downturns and deliver positive results for our local and international investors and clients.

For professional, structured and specialized real estate and property management services, incorporating investments, brokerage and realty, there is no need to look further than One Florida Realty for all of your real estate needs.